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About MeemzKnitz

About MeemzKnitz

Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to the face behind the name MeemzKnitz! My name is Carol and while knitting is not my day-job, it is my passion!  (I am a professor of clinical social work)

My grandchildren call me 'Meemz' and thus my brand name was born.


I adore yarn and knit when I’m happy, sad, angry, excited, all the time. My hubby says I’m never not knitting!

​With an eye for detail and a love for warmth, MeemzKnitz prides itself on making soft, ​touchable knitwear to keep you comfortable in the cold. Using a variety of fibers all sourced from local farms and yarn shops, you’ll love the feel of hats, scarves, socks, sweaters and blankets knit from 100% cotton, Alpaca, Merino wool, or wool and acrylic blends. MeemzKnitz can meet all your needs!

​So whether you’re heading out around town — or just hanging out at home — MeemzKnitz is there to keep you warm. Love goes into each stitch. I adore seeing people wear and enjoy my creations.

​You can also find my work on Facebook or Instagram.


What can I knit for you?

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